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Divorce Hurts

Dana Mobley-Hammett, March 2010


A must-buy work of insight to every relationship, whether solid or on uneven ground. The title says it all. Dana unlocks the door regarding that potentially treacherous attitude and how best to treat your spouse in encouraging ways.  The book also teaches us to recognize the signs when relationships are going south. One of the destructive, unavoidable pitfalls in today's world comes at the hand of self-centeredness and if both spouses recognize their own independence and dependence on each other in positive ways then relationships can be successful for all concerned. 

TimeOut Radio Station


Is an inspirational radio station focusing on healthy relationships: Please click the following link to listen to live broadcast every other Saturday from 1pm to 3pm CST. Dana's program is sure to keep you updated on the latest news while answering some of the toughest relationship questions.  Visit,

Centered on family, with a dynamic cast which includes Reality TV Star and Grammy Award winning Producer Memphitz. We will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride with unexpected twist and turns as you look on the inside of love, marriage, tragedy, faith and forgiveness. Throughout this stage play Mary displays her strength, weakness, and courage to endure after an unexpected event involving her husband Patrick. Although family and friends are there to support her she still finds it hard to deal with the circumstances surrounding the life her and Patrick have built together. 

TimeOut Stage Play
Director : Veronica Starr and Andrew Flagg
Written By: Roy Billups