A Dallas native, Veronica R. Starr, is known for her Corporate stage play productions such as The Underground Railroad and 

The Family Reunion. Veronica

is the current owner and operator of Starr Management Co. and Acting is for Actors. Veronica has had the pleasure of working along side some of the best local talent in the Dallas area. Veronica is an Actor, Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Play writer, and former partner of a Publishing company. Veronica will be making her Directorial  encore 

in the upcoming production  "The Feel Good Gospel"  screenplay written

by Tyran Saffold Jr.


 Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, Tyran Saffold Jr ((God's Ink)) took an interst in writing at an early age.  He wrote his first short story entitled, "Ninja Turtles: Revenge" at 9 years old.  However, he didnt revisit his gift until he reached High School.  It found him again in the form of creative writing, using poetry to "woo" young women in his school.  As he grew and matured, his writing did as well.  In College, his love for poetry truly manifested as he took his talent from notebooks, to the center stage.  He perfomed at Colleges and open mics throughout Milwaukee, WI as he became more comfortable behind the microphone.  Upon graduation, he moved to Dallas, TX where he currently resides with his wife and children.  Since 2010, he has written one novel, written and produced 2 stage plays, and manufactured two SpokenWord CD's.  He is almost complete with his second novel and has plans to write more as he continues to use all his God-given talents before his time on earth is up



Is a Dynamic Inspirational, Motivational Speaker and Author of non-fiction best selling relationship books including:

-Divorce Hurts

-Time Out


Dana's vision is to

create stage plays that inspire, heal and develop others through entertainment.

Books can be purchased  through   and

"The Feel Good Gospel"


"The Feel Good Gospel"




After serving our country Honorably in the United States Air Force  in 2012 Ray began building on a  vision to create, manage, and support musical endeavors that would entreat the mind. As well as provide his portion of the global catalyst for a social, societal and cultural shift toward non-judgment and  understanding. He conceptualized and founded OutBurst 

Entertainment in 2014. 



            "The Feel Good Gospel"

Outburst ENT. COO/Author/Executive Producer
Outburst ENT.
CEO/Founder/ Talent Manager